RideShare is available for download and launching in Atlanta, GA. This sustainable ride-hailing platform gives Drivers a high-income potential and the opportunity for a six-figure passive income.


The main goal of this industry innovation is to address the socioeconomic disparities in the world. By enabling all RideShare Drivers to be Independent Business Owners who can recruit new Drivers thereby establishing their own business. RideShare is a revenue sharing platform that redefines network marketing and gives special consideration to Veterans and those who are Academics.
When the world is going through a tightening economic strain, and pushing struggling entrepreneurs to compensate beyond their budget, RideShare offers a path to financial independence that levels the economic playing field, extending benefits to Clients, Drivers, and businesses equally.
As of today, there are more than 55 million Americans working in the gig economy, according to Statista. It is projected that by 2023, more than half (52%) of the US workforce will either be gig economy workers or have worked independently at some point in their career. Even with that many gig workers from across America, aspiring business owners still struggle to thrive because they find it difficult to acquire the resources that meet their budget.
RideShare has been created with the mission of “empowering the disenfranchised and to improve their quality of life” by eliminating the long-standing lack of equity in opportunity and wealth inequality. RideShare Drivers earn commission by working the required part-time hours and as the number of their direct recruits goes up, the online hours required for earning commission goes down until it reaches zero. Clients have the lowest fares in the market that are unchanging, and businesses will have an abundance of product and service requests because more people in society will have greater amounts of disposable income. “It is a win-win-win situation for all of the parties”, says Chris Ireland, RideShare’s Founder and CEO. “RideShare is an industry game changer that aims to be the foundation for social prosperity”, he further added.
RideShare involves no paid membership and unbiased criteria to participate. For safety, Drivers must pass a background check provided by Checkr as well as upload a self-image to their profile that their driver’s license image must match. Clients must also upload a required self-image to their profile. This is a legal safety requirement that allows RideShare to put a leash on fraudulent activities. RideShare also guarantees secure payments and transactions as it uses the renowned Stripe service. RideShare has also partnered with Firestone Tire and its affiliates to provide vehicle inspections. They offer RideShare Drivers a discount on services at more than 3000 locations nationwide and will distribute the windshield decals for those who are able to log into the RideShare Driver app.